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How to embrace the natural world by transforming your interior spaces with specific materials, colours, views and sounds.  GARDENS ILLUSTRATED


As best-selling author and designer, Sally Coulthard, reveals in this guide, creating a ‘biophilic home’ can have a huge impact on your wellbeing; improving your mood and encouraging healthier sleep patterns...Be it plants, materials, colour or light, it’s enlightening to see how small changes can make a big difference, while deepening your respect and correlation to the natural world.  FORBES Magazine


Humans are mammals, programmed over millennia to respond to the natural world. We may be able to live and work in man-made environments most of the time. But according to a new movement of “biophilic” designers and enthusiasts, we are not thriving...writer Sally Coulthard likens it to the practice of keeping animals in captivity, in surroundings ill-suited to their needs.  “We live in a world that is fundamentally mismatched to our evolutionary adaptation — we don’t see, hear and feel the things that we are programmed to respond to,” she writes in her book, Biophilia, which is published by Kyle Books this month.  




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