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Hedgehogs, with their quiet determination and bristling, bumbling ways, are seen by many of one of life's most enduring symbols of the countryside and town gardens. This shy, snuffling, enigmatic animal has captured the imagination of children and adults for centuries – from Beatrix Potter's Mrs Tiggywinkle to Sonic the Hedgehog.


Full to the brim with fascinating insights and countryside lore, The Hedgehog Handbook explores different facets of this much-admired mammal – from its wildlife habits to its literary heritage, how different cultures have viewed the hedgehog and what we can do to help preserve this icon of rural life.


Fun, sweet and warm hearted, The Hedgehog Handbook is a month by month celebration of one of the countryside's best-loved creatures. Packed with inspirational quotes, entertaining facts, folklore and literary references, it's the perfect gift for anyone with a penchant for prickles.




Voted one of the '12 Books of Christmas' 2019 by BBC Countryfile


'One of our favourite books of the year' YORKSHIRE POST


"Beautiful and fascinating...I can't recommend this book highly enough - it's gorgeous in it's presentation, illustrations, content and message.  I think picking this book up, made me instantly happy - it is, for me, the epitome of why i love books and how they can charm: learn, enjoy, cherish all in one package." WATERSTONES


"...the real beauty of The Hedgehog Handbook, from an entirely selfish reviewer’s perspective, consists in Coulthard’s highly engaged, and engaging, yielding of natural description. A skilled hand directs the tiller: the writer’s experience – she is a best-selling author of outdoor living books – informs her stylistic direction. Her chronological approach is linear; a month-by-month unfolding of the narrative shadows a year in the life of an imagined hog." THE YORKSHIRE TIMES






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