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"A gorgeous new interiors book." 91 Magazine

A "fantastic and inspiring volume."  Holly Becker

"a lovely peek into lots of different creative studios, from potters to knitters, textile designers to fine artist, and every one is a delight."  The Women's Room

"a  book that really celebrates the personality and idiosyncrasy of creative people."  The Observer

"takes us inside a wide variety of different studios, offering endless inspiration for talents of all types who crave a space of their own." Architectural Digest

"a visual feast of a sourcebook"  Fabric magazine

"this cover had me smitten at the very first glance! Crammed full of inspiring and creative work spacesbook"  The Lifestyle Editor

"another success and a definite must-buy" Shedworking

"Whatever your style, whatever you do in your space, there's plenty of visual inspiration" All Things Bright & Good

"Beautifully illustrated, this book will inspire you to create your very own nook for getting crafty in' " Crafts Beautiful magazine

"a lovely book to have to hand for ideal gift for a home worker" Working from Home Wisdom

"Sally Coulthard is very clear about why making physical room for the things you love is the key to creativity." The Simple Things magazine