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By sallycoulthard, Dec 7 2017 12:41PM

The Little Book of Building Fires has been a huge hit and sold out its first edition within three weeks of its release!

A second edition is being furiously printed as we speak and will be available from the 15th December. Thanks to everyone who'd bought it, either for themselves or as a gift - you've made my Christmas wish come true!

By sallycoulthard, Nov 20 2017 10:45AM

When it’s bleak outside, there’s nothing like toasting your toes in front of a real fire. Coaxing a roaring blaze into life, however, can be a frustrating round of wasted matches and smoke filling your sitting room. Follow these tips, from Sally Coulthard, and your inner caveman will be proud.

By sallycoulthard, Nov 13 2017 01:38PM

At Waterstones, non-fiction buyer Bea Carvalho said the surge in fiery books was part of a wider interest in nature writing and the outdoors, where sales had continued to rise. Carvalho also pointed to “a huge wealth of new publishing on outdoor survival” this year, with Grylls’s How to Stay Alive “set to be a bestseller this Christmas”. She predicted that titles such as The Art of Fire and The Little Book of Building Fires “could establish themselves as excellent quirky gift options, in the same vein as Norwegian Wood in 2015”.

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