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By sallycoulthard, Dec 12 2018 02:14PM

Thank you to Waterstones bookshop who have not only picked my Hedgehog Handbook as a favourite in their Beautiful Books category but also recommended it as one of their chosen Stocking Fillers and in the New for 2018 selection. Bloomin' brilliant.

They also gave it a cracking review, dubbing it 'Beautiful and fascinating", going on to say:

"I can't recommend this book highly enough - it's gorgeous in it's presentation, illustrations, content and message. I think picking this book up, made me instantly happy - it is, for me, the epitome of why i love books and how they can charm: learn, enjoy, cherish all in one package. Physically, it has heavy board covers, a nice binding that allows it to lie flat, lovely woodcut illustrations and follows the year of the hedgehog with facts, anecdotes and tips and is fairly small and very gifty.

For children or adults interested in the natural world, both rural and urban, this would be a perfect gift."

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