Designer & Bestselling Author

Sally is the author of STUDIO (Jacqui Small), Shed Decor (Jacqui Small), Home of Your Own: Creating Interiors With Character (Merrell), Gardenalia (Jacqui Small), Shed Chic (Jacqui Small), The Reclaimers (Hodder & Stoughton), Restored to Glory: A guide to Renovating your Period Home and Pure Living: How to Detox your Home (BBC Books) and seven other books.


Her newest release 'The Little Book of Building Fires' (Anima) is out  November 2017, followed by 'How To Build a Shed' (Laurence King) - a collaboration with 'Tool Shed' illustrator Lee John Phillips in Spring 2018.


She also runs her own private garden design practice.

Homes and gardens are fast becoming inseparable spaces.  Great interiors and great exteriors come from the same starting point – a place where good design, craftsmanship and creativity meet.


Best-selling author and designer Sally Coulthard has spent the last twenty years designing, building, planting and writing about homes and outdoor spaces.  She sees no boundary between the rules that govern good interior design and those which are needed to craft a spectacular studio or glorious garden.


Keen to make good design accessible, she’s written over a dozen books about restoring houses, designing interiors and creating outdoor spaces.  From garden styles to designing with salvage, creating workspaces to building sheds, Sally’s books inspire, encourage and equip readers to take on projects of their own.


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"..Sally Coulthard's words of wisdom complement the wonderful images for a design-led book with plenty of practical suggestions on combining plants with decorative material"


'Sally Coulthard’s passion for reclaimed and vintage objects inspires a look that is high on style and low on cost."


"By taking Sally's advice you could make your mark on your home - without breaking the bank."